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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.


Established in 2015, NCA founders recognised a need for education for infection control within the dental and medical industry, as there were, and still are today, conflicting information as to how to provide best practice for patient health and safety. Most office based practices across ANZ were uncertain as how to implement such procedures. Practices were also uncertain as to which guidelines to follow for infection control (e.g.: Industry Guidelines or Australian Standards)? 

NCA worked closely with a large number of dental and medical practices using their scientific background to implement procedures based purely on the correct legal documentation required, to set up practices with monitoring tools, scientific evidence and bullet proof sterility systems to ensure that both patients and the practice are protected against worst case scenarios involving infection control outbreaks. We educate all staff internally and set up all procedures at the practice and provide custom written documentation with step by step procedures, easy to understand for all staff members. 

During our initial implementation of monitoring setup within practices, we realised that practices were simply paying too much for their monitoring products. Either the products used could not provide efficient validation, or they were incredibly over priced. In 2017, NCA introduced our own custom made niche product range to complement our service. Offering the right products for a mere fraction of the price practices were paying (e.g.: $800 was now $200). 

One of our goals was to have full control over our products. We therefore established our own laboratory and relationships with local Australian and European production plants to establish our own brand that is tested thoroughly and Quality Controlled and Assured internally before it reaches our customers.  

With very minimal advertising, we have relied on word of mouth and have grown our service from 20 clients to over 1000 client across Australia. 

We are innovators. We always look to the future for the next step in medical and scientific technology. We are energetic and very experienced in our field. We are the next generation of innovators in the dental, medical and scientific industry. Our products are our own. We are not "box movers" or distributors. We have our own in-house inventors, scientists and engineers for our products, which are tested against the highest international compliance level (NQA). All our products are TGA registered and are second to none when it comes to quality. 


  • 1st Client opens up to NCA to test our capabilities.
  • First client refers two more
  • Reached 20 Clients by the end of the year


  • NCA reach 100 clients in quick succession

  • NCA signs will affiliates ADIA & DHAA
  • Social Media presence amplifies and thousands of dentists across the world join NCA on social media
  • 1000 Clients serviced by NCA


  • NCA innovate their own products to sell to practices at record low prices

  • New board of directors is assigned to stimulate growth nationally
  • New Monitoring projects underway including patient tracking 


  • NCA formulates 360. An in house, new non-toxic, non-corrosive detergent for instrument cleaning and ultrasonic machines.

  • NCA formulates R4+. A revolutionary disinfectant that deactivates bacteria within a minute of application. Non-toxic, non corrosive, using silicone particle technology to preserve its compounds.
  • NCA clientele reaches 2000 as Day Surgeries reach out for products and services
  • NCA opens products to the Hong Kong Market


  • State Area Health Services reach out for NCA products and Services

  • Private Hospital Groups commence purchasing from NCA
  • NCA Formulates ZERO. A state of art non-toxic suction line cleaner that causes no corrosion in the lines and removes biofilm
  • NCA opens products to the U.K. and Ireland. 


  • COVID-19 strikes the heart of Australians and the rest of the world. NCA scientists work to innovate faster, more effective disinfectants to assist with bacteria and viral deactivation.

  • NCA formulate R4+ DEACTIVATE wipes. Using particle technology to bond bacteria to the wipe enabling the substance sufficient time to deactivate bacteria.
  • NCA release HANDSIES. A Non alcoholic hand sanitiser using specialised compounds to denature 99.9% of bacteria on hands within seconds. Unlike alcohol that evaporates within seconds of use, the HANDSIES preservation formula allows its substance to remain on the hands for an hour after application. Using 100% pure Australian Aloe Vera and tea leaf extracts, the HANDSIES Sanitiser completes its skin protective mechanism on each application.
  • NCA release the SHIELD. Hand made in Australia, this fabric mask is a personalised mask using level 3 refill medical carbon filters that last 3 days. Replacing the traditional N95 or P2 masks that last for 8 hours, the NCA SHIELD will provide a 3 layer protection barrier to microorganisms and chemical substances. The NCA SHIELD will prevent cross contamination and dramatically lower the cost to healthcare services and other industries for their personal protection. The NCA SHIELD contours to the face over time and remains the best protection for nasal and oral access points.
  • NCA reaches 5000 accounts
  • NCA opens products to the United States and South America

We are always asked the question "Why NCA"? Our response is straight forward: "Who else can help you the way we can"?