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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.


Infection Control within dentistry is confusing and very misunderstood. Audits and Accreditation does not mean that your practice is safe from bacterial infections or outbreak viruses. Patient and staff safety should be the number one priority for any dental practice, and each practice should be setup to enable compliance with local, European & International Standards. Following this, the correct monitoring tools that reference the standards should be used to monitor both the cleaning and sterility process. Only then can a practice have true evidence that no infection has occurred within its facility. Adopting a proper monitoring system for infection control could save thousands in possible legal costs and also save the hassles and headaches of a legal battle. 

Only NCA have the correct hollow monitoring tools to provide absolute evidence for sterility assurance. Using the NCA monitoring systems will dramatically reduce costs and bring your practice up to the highest level of international standards, easily capable of dealing with Nosocomial worst case scenarios.