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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.



The hospitality industry has been facing a growing issue in infection control when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting utensils, glass and dishes used for patrons. The washing process is only effective to certain degree and provides no guarantee of sufficient disinfection.

Patrons can lodge complaints against restaurants on a daily basis about hygiene and infection control then it comes to the dishes the eat off and glasses they drink from.

NCA Laboratories have created the X-Clean Validation Card. A test soil card that complies with ISO 15883 which is used for washer-disinfection. The card is synthetically made from the 15 most harshest test soils known in human bacteriology.

The card is placed into a metal sleeve and placed into the dish washer in the first load of the morning. The combination of mechanical force and detergent should rinse away the colour on the card, leaving it clear. This has then rendered your washer "validated" for the day, hence your entire load of dishes, glasses and utensils have passed the wash for the day.

The card is then paced into a log book that is provided with the purchase of the cards in a starter pack. This provides your business with scientific validated evidence that every load of washes has been validated scientifically and to the highest level of international standards. 

Protect your business and patrons with NCA Technology!