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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.


The CSSD is the most important department in any healthcare service. The reason for this is the entire instrument reprocessing-process starts there. NCA understands the CSSD is often overlooked as the most critical and essential department. 

In the case of a nosocomial patient infection, the event trickles down from the legal or hospital PR. to the surgeon, to the nursing unit manager, to the CSSD manager and eventually back to the nurse or technician who processed he instruments prior to being used on the nosocomial patient in question. 

The onus is then placed onto the hospital or the CSSD to provide evidence as to the instruments used on the patient, ensuring they have reached what is known as "Sterility Assurance Levels (SAL). 

If the facility fails to provide evidence of SAL then a case can be made against the hospital for the patient infection. 

NCA have taken infection control to another level, by using science and technology to provide the tools for the CSSD to to ensure that every load of instruments run have reached SAL. 

We also have the monitoring tools to provide the best challenge for the sterilizers to provide 100% assurance of effective functioning of the chamber. 

NCA also produce validation biological spore testing that conforms to ISO 11138 and ISO 17665-1, which indicate that the facility SHALL provide evidence of sterility assurance for cannulated lumens used on patients. Currently in the USA, NCA are the only company that have the tools to provide this evidence. 

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