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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.

Dental Chemicals


Ref: ISO 11.080, EN 14885

A patented formula using a combination of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and silicon particle technology, this state of the art solution is lethal on hard surfaces.

Most disinfectants require mixing and shaking, as well as long deactivation time periods. The R4+ is applied to the surface with minimal spray and deactivates all bacteria and spore populations rapidly. The surface is then wiped clean. The R4+ can be applied onto multiple materials such as vinyl and leather, as well as metal and plastic within all areas of a facility EXCEPT the CSSD.

The R4+ is safe to use for the end-user, with no aerobic toxins or carcinogens, and can be left on an unsoiled surface for up to 4 hours before respraying is required. The R4+ has taken the healthcare sector to the next level of infection control with disinfecting, making it easier, quicker, and more effective to disinfect surfaces using just the one solution. No one else comes close to comparing to the new wave of NCA technology, made, formulated and manufactured in Australia.

Available in 500ml and 5L. 



Ref: AS2120.3

This new chemically formulated disinfectant is the modern revolution in suction line cleaning within a dental hospital. 

Traditionally there has always been a trade-off, either a heavy-duty cleaner with high corrosive aspects or a more neutral based cleaner with minimal impact on the removal of bio-burden. 

ZERO has been tested for fast removal of biofilm as well as having non-toxic properties. This solution means you also use less when flushing your lines over time. 

Using a 15ml Pump, 30ml is required for every 1 litre of water. With this dilution factor, 5L of ZERO creates 333L of flushing solution. 

This brings your practice up to the highest level of standards without causing toxic exposure to patients and staff members, whilst providing maximum effect of the removal of biofilm within the lines. 

Available in 500ml and 5L.


NCA 360

Ref: AS4815, AS4187, ISO15883, EN14885

In the modern-day where time is of an essence, your facility requires a rapid solution for effective workflow. Part of growing a successful facility is to have a fast and effective workflow. It is generally difficult to achieve this without sacrificing quality. 

NCA have Developed 360 detergent to assist with this workflow. The multipurpose solution allows for use in all cleaning processes of the sterilising area. 

From scrubbing the instruments, to the ultrasonic or under-bench washer, 360 can be used in all areas of the CSSD, including wiping down benches within the sterilising area.

NCA 360 is deadly again prions and surface bacteria, as well as safe to use for the end user. Passing synthetic soil test cards in the washer/disinfector and ultrasonic, this alkaline substance will remove the top 30 test soils used to conform to ISO15883.

The most effective solution for your facility will be 360 when it comes to the cleaning process of your instruments. 

Available in 500ml and 5L.