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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.


Ref: AS 4187, ISO 11607 parts 1 & 2

The NCA Prime pouches are made in Germany with the latest tensile technology. Unlike standard cost-effective pouches, NCA sought to solve issues of breakage and monitoring for instruments being processed in the sterilizer as well as storage.

Over time, pouches wither and tear and are unreliable when providing longevity to the sterility process during storage. Pouches are typically fractured or breaches when holding sharp instruments as the pressure is pressed onto the pouches inside the sterilizing chamber. The NCA pouches have a high tensile strength which prevents sharps breaching the pack.

NCA pouches also have a longevity of 12 months as opposed to the traditional pouch post usage lifespan of 90 days. This ensures that instruments that are sporadically used can be dated and maintained in storage without being further reprocessed.

The paper is Grade A perforated which allows the free flow of steam into the pouch in one direction without allowing the air to breach the pouch. This technology is second to none in barrier systems globally and provides each facility with peace of mind when processing and storing instruments.

Traditional pouches are affixed with a class 1 process indicator. Due to lack of education in infection control monitoring, it is commonly believed that these processed indicators provide evidence of sterility. They do NOT. They simply provide evidence that the pouch has gone through the sterility process. It is not a validated result for the sterilization process. The result of the process comes from the class 2 chemical indicator. Although the class 6 indicator is not an effective monitoring tool for sterility assurance for surgical instruments, it is, however, reliable at detecting super-heated steam. Super-heated steam is generated by a sterilizer malfunction and can cause damage to the chamber such as hair-line cracks, rendering the sterilizer decommissioned. In most of these cases, a replacement sterilizer is required, costing thousands to the facility.

The NCA pouches are all affixed with class 6 indicators that can detect the presence of superheated steam in the chamber. This provides a good indication of future technical failures and can save the facility thousands of dollars on costs to repair or replace these issues. NCA is the only company who affix class 6 indicators onto this patented technology.

Sizes Available:

57 x 150mm

70 x 260mm

90 x 260mm

90 x 165mm

135 x 280mm

190 x 360mm

300 x 395mm

350 x 430mm