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NCA ANZ Pty. Ltd.


Standards are what each facility within the healthcare industry are measured by for effective best practice and patient health and safety. There are several agencies within each healthcare professional which provide guidelines in that specific area of practice, however these guidelines are an interpretation of a standard associated with the facility. 

Most regions around the world in healthcare have their own standards. In Australia we have the Australian and New Zealand Standards (ASNZ). These standards indicate policies and procedures within each healthcare profession which must be adhered to. For example: in the dental office based practice environment, the Australian Standards indicate that each practice must display a certain level of sterility assurance for their surgical instruments used on patients. The issue with this standard is that it does not explain to the practice, as to how they can achieve this. To find the answer, the practice must turn to several other standards such as European (EN) and International Standards (ISO), to find the answer. This can be a complicated process, particularly since the standards are written in legal jargon. 

Many professional affiliated bodies within each healthcare sector misinterpret the standards in the area of infection control and sterility assurance. The reason why this happens, is because these areas are specifically scientific areas, and ideally a scientific background is required to understand the interpretation of the standards. Most of the time this is lacking in professional affiliate bodies in each industry. 

NCA have the scientific, nursing and engineering background, well as decades of experience in the field of sterility assurance. We understand how the standards work and how to interpret and implement them into healthcare facilities within infection control. 

Each facility is responsible for the health and safety of their staff and patients and will be held accountable against the standards to that facility if there is an incident involving health and safety that did not adhere to its standard. It is very important that each facility understands how the standards work and that the facility is fully compliant with these standards, especially in infection control. 

NCA are the specialists in this area.